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Mark & Lisas Veggie February: Day Two

By MarkBaker last year

So as most of you are probably aware, I was dared by a colleague that will remain nameless to go vegetarian for a month. He claims that I would be unable to do it for a whole month. Me being the stubborn git that I am accepted that challenge. I am to go vegetarian for ONE MONTH. I chose February and at the same time i thought to myself why not kill two birds with one stone and raise some money. I have chosen to raise some money for Diabetes UK. I have setup a JustGiving page to allow anyone that wants to donate to this very good cause to donate. The link for this page is: Mark Baker Goes Veggie For February.

So, what are the rules of the month long challenge I hear you ask?

  • One FULL month of vegetarian diet (in this case 28 days as it is February)
  • No meat products of any kind to pass my lips
  • This is not a vegan diet challenge to I am allowed dairy products and eggs
  • No fish products (no pescatarian diet frown)
  • Whereas I am allowed to eat dairy products such as cheese, I am not allowed Parmesan as it contains animal fat.
  • No products that contain geletin.

So with all these rules in mind, My journey continues today.


Seeing as it is the weekend everyone in work thought I would not be able to cope without meat and that I would cheat and gobble down on some bacon or sausages. How wrong they were. I awoke this morning with the plan of getting materials to cover the new desk I built my for wife Lisa last week so that it does not get minging. We popped off to Wilkos for this. Afterwards we were starving and both were going to hit McDonalds for a philly cheese bagel, we got to the entrance at 10:25 and saw the fucking queue out of the door! So we both said fuck this and went to Dunelm Mill. They have  a cafe and we assumed they would serve a veggie breakfast, they didnt. Lisa had a cream scone with jam and cream and I opted for a jacket potato with baked beans and cheese. It was banging!!

My only gripe with this was the plate was too small to navigate and eat it without getting the contents over the table.

Verdict: 8/10 laughing

Now, today has been rather stressful as we also decided to get new curtains for the living room. As we were walking past sports direct toward B&Q there was the fucking burger van! It smelled lovely but guess what you doubters I resisted!!!!


Seeing as my breakfast was pretty much a brunch as it was almost 11:00 when I had it, I did not have lunch.

Evening Meal

So for our evening meal tonight i made a Mushroom, Spinach and Blue-Stilton Lasagne. All ingredients are suitable for vegetarians. Before anyone asks, yes I can fucking cook and I fucking cook good shit!

Lisa's comments: well my husbands blue cheese and mushroom lasagne is amazing xx

Needless to say I nailed it.


All in all its been a very productive day, however I was hangry for most of it. Not because of the no meat thing but we went back and forth to bridgend several times and didnt eat until half 6. If you would like the recipe for this lasagne as I think even if your not a vegetarian, it is still fucking lush:


  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 x 250g packs chestnut mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
  • 1 large onion, finely chopped
  • 1 large clove of garlic, crushed
  • 2 x 240g packs pre-washed fresh spinach
  • 1 large jar ready-made white sauce (710g)
  • 12 sheets ready-to-bake lasagne
  • 125g blue cheese, crumbled


Preheat the oven to 200C/gas mark 6. Heat one tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan, add half the mushrooms and fry until golden, about five minutes. Transfer them to kitchen paper, add another tablespoon of oil to the pan and fry the remaining mushrooms, also transferring them to kitchen paper after five minutes.

Add the final tablespoon of olive oil to the pan and cook the onion and garlic for about four minutes, until soft. Add the spinach to the pan, cover with a lid and allow it to wilt for one to two minutes. Return the mushrooms to the pan, mix together and season.

Use a rectangular dish about 24 x 18cm and spread a layer of white sauce on the base. Place three lasagne sheets on the sauce followed by a third of the mushroom mixture, another layer of white sauce and some crumbled cheese.

Add another three sheets of lasagne and continue layering, finishing with the final three sheets of lasagne, a good covering of white sauce and a sprinkling of crumbled cheese.

Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until it is cooked through and the topping is bubbling and golden. Serve with a side salad or garlic bread.


More to come tomorrow!

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