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Outwell Glenwood 600 Review

By MarkBaker last year

Having seen the selection of tents in Go Outdoors year before last we had a look at this tent and both fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. First, off we thought that as it was Outwell it would be a very good tent and we were not disappointed. 

First, of I would like to point out that most of the tents in Go Outdoors at the time were very good but this one caught our eye the most. Now, we were not in the market for another tent as we already had the Vango Taiga 600 Airbeam as our main tent. We were actually looking for some sort of event shelter for the garden so when we entertain we would have some privacy as we only have a front garden. Needless to say we thought this might do the trick. It has never been used in the front garden for parties at all!

We have used this tent several times since buying it and all we can say is that it is an amazing tent in all areas. This review will hopefully help you decide to get one if you are looking at it. Can I point out at this juncture that the Outwell Glenwood 600 was exclusive to Go Outdoors and that you are only likely to find ones second hand and if you do I recommend snapping it up immediately?

Quick Overview

The outwell Glenwood 600 is a 6 berth tent in Outwell's classic green material. It has a fully sewn-in groundsheet and is 4000HH. It has 4 strong fibreglass poles that are colour coded to assist in the pitching of the tent. the bedroom compartment is at the back of the tent and spans the width. This is a single skin all in one pitched tent and can be pitched quite easily in about 15-20 minutes.

The bedroom compartment has pockets around the inside for easy storage and also pockets outside in the middle for more storage of items. There is an electrical outlet zip on one side of the tent to allow an EHU to go into the tent and one main front door and a side door for easy access. The side door zips upward to allow it to become a canopy with the provided king poles to give you a bit of shade in the sunny day.

The tent itself is 580cm(L) x 360cm(W) x 220cm(H) and the poles are pre-angles so it has plenty of room for those taller people and will quite happily house a family of 4 with room to spare.

Both doors have mesh covers to them to allow good circulation of air in those warmer months without the risk of getting pesky insects inside the tent. The large windows on both sides of the tent allow loads of natural light into the tent and all have toggle up curtains to add privacy for the evenings when settling down. There are cable tidies and lam holder points along the centre pole in the middle of the living area to avoid tripping hazards so you can hang your lamps without the danger of damaging your tent. There are pre-attached luminous guy ropes on every pole point each side to provide ample sturdiness, it also utilises Outwell's patented storm-proof tension system that wraps around each pole twice with a velcro locking sleeve to provide extra strength to the poles.

The Cost

We are told that this tent is exclusive to Go Outdoors in the UK. It's one of the July's 'Wow' offers at £299.00 (Last advertised of £269.00). It had a bundle deal for it as well that included the tent, fitted carpet, footprint and the awning. the bundle's last advertised RRP was £499.00. This was very attractive to us when we were looking for our 'event shelter'. Other tents in this rough size and category were coming in at around 100-150 pounds more.


The Outwell Glenwood 600 a very simple and straightforward to pitch.  It has 5 Outwell Powerflex fibreglass poles that have coloured bands to identify where they go on the tent. As this is a tunnel tent the guidelines recommend to insert all 5 poles into their respective sleeves and then peg down the back two corners, group all 5 poles together and lift, then pull out and peg down each pole points to the ground as you go along.


Pitching tips for the Outwell Glenwood 600

One word of caution to anyone who purchases this tent. the colour coded poles are quite easy to miss and will cause some issues if you put them in the wrong sleeves. After 9 tents in 3 years, this tent dumfounded us a bit. We struggled to get the poles into the correct sleeves and other reviewers have almost divorced over it lol laughing

Once you have the just of Outwell's secret code (which they omit to tell you about in their pitching instructions), it is very easy to pitch - honest!

On the tent poles, you will find small colour bands near each end of the poles, this could be easily missed but is very important.

  • The three black coded poles go in the centre three sleeves and are all the same length.
  • The two grey coded poles are for the front and back sleeves and are of two different lengths. The longer pole is the front!

This tent took us around 20 minutes to erect including pegging and guy ropes (which there are plenty of). Our airbeam tent takes around 15 minutes to pitch and the Glenwood takes up less space in the car so a massive thumbs up from us.

The carpet

The Outwell Glenwood as an optional fitted carpet and I would recommend getting it if you can as it adds that extra comfort under your feet and helps to protect the groundsheet inside the tent. It covers the main 'living' area of the tent. The tent itself has a sleeping area, a living area and a small porch area. The carpet fits in the living area and adds a lot of warmth to the inside in the evenings and night.


The footprint is another optional extra for this tent and provides extra protection to the sewn in groundsheet. It covers the main part of the tent up to the front door so is slightly shorter than the tent itself.

The Awning

The last optional extra for this tent is the awning. built for this model tent adds an extra 380cm to the front of the tent and encloses it. It is a must-have for those longer trips away or if you have more stuff with you. It has 1 pole and clips to the main tent 2nd pole and rests over the top of the front pole. Included is a bathtub groundsheet but I recommend not putting it down unless it is very wet.

Key Specifications

Berth: 6 Person
Doors: 2
Flysheet Hydrostatic Head: 4000(mm)
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head: 10000(mm)
Weight: 22.7kg
Bedroom compartment: 350cm(W) x 170cm(L) x 170cm(H)
Poles: Duratec fibreglass 11.0mm/12.7mm x 5
Flysheet fabric: Outtex 4000 (100% polyester taffeta) with taped seams
Groundsheet fabric: Double coated 100% polyethene
Windows: 7 with toggle up curtains
Vents: 3
Pack size: 35cm(W) x 77cm(L)

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